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7 Tips on Buying Artwork

OK, so you want the ABCs on buying art? It takes time to gain the needed experience to feel comfortable

Visual Artists

The Art of Oda | Corey Oda Paints Stunning Pictures of Minerals and Gemstones

I discovered Corey Oda at the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Montreal event.  This international affair has helped many artists get

Cultural Lifestyle

Shop designs by ARTISTS we feature.

Official Launch of the Bunny Boutique!   Click HERE to visit the Bunny Boutique Just in time for the holidays 🎁

Visual Artists

Zoé Boivin | Charming, Colourful and Joyful Paintings

I met Zoe when I dropped in the elegant lifestyle shop Vestibule in the Mile End. The young visual artist was there

Travel Inspiration

Brooklyn’s Street Art, Vintage Shopping, and Cunning Lifestyle

OK so saying that I LOVE NYC is suspected but, of course, I do.  I lived in Manhattan for a

Visual Artists

Louis-Bernard St-Jean | Sculptural Oil Paintings Making an Impact

Introducing Louis-Bernard St-Jean, a self-taught visual artist achieving great things in little time! Coming from a completely different background (Information