​Flamboyant International Fireworks Competition at La Ronde!

If you haven’t had the pleasure to assist a “real” fireworks show, I suggest you put that on your wishlist now! Seeing brilliant lights in the sky from afar is a good way of bringing people together.  Nevertheless, seeing them up close with adjacent music brings you to a whole new appreciation of the art form.  Yes, an Art!  These 30-minute long masterpieces are impressive from beginning to end.  The massive fireworks we are used to seeing are a small part of the overall production.  Each representation combines a large variety of small, swiveling, loud, crackling, colorful and even shapes! Depending on the type of music and song, they will visually transport you into feeling something distinct.   The overall harmonious effect creates an unforgettable concert.


L’International des Feux Loto-Quebec is an international competition in collaboration with La Ronde Six Flags amusement park.  This year marks their 33rd edition and hopefully not their last!  Production companies from around the world come to Montreal to compete against each other.  We were fortunate to attend the presentations created by the team Féérie from France on July 22nd.  Their theme was the Evolution of Music.  Below you can see the list of songs they played that was in coordination with their fireworks.  Stunning ! We were smitten by the catchy music and mesmerizing visuals.

There were seven competitors in total this year (England, France, Poland, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Canada) and there are three shows left including the finale.  The price of each assigned seat (starting at 53.99$) includes access to La Ronde Six Flags amusement park and all that they offer (rides, etc.).   Make it an unforgettable evening with your friends, family or significant other!

You can find more information and buy tickets on their website here. Vote for your favorite here and follow them on their Facebook page here to stay updated with the competition!

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