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Tabulit Comics’ first pop up comic art gallery is happening next week  (Thursday, August 31st) and we can’t wait! An innovative way to showcase comic art, it brings a refreshing outlook on that unique industry.  Concrete storytelling and beautiful art can truly be masterpieces for the reader but having a focus on the art itself is an excellent idea.

Tabulit is a Montreal based digital agency and publisher by indie comic creators for indie comic creators. They are the experts of comic art.  Their goal is to build a creative economy around their love for comics.


The event will feature over 10 Tabulit Comics artists and both original artwork as well as artwork from their comics. Prints will be available for purchase, starting at 25$.  What a better way to spend your Thursday night by reconnecting with your inner child and love of comics?

List of Canadian based artists being featured include:

François Vigneault, Jacob Mcmanamy, Aaron Navrady, Maiji/Mary Huang, Isabelle Arné, Brynne Johnston, Jennifer Kiakas, Caity Hall, Emmanuel Filteau, Nick Marinkovich, Patrick Henoff, Salgood Sam (Max Douglas), Jennifer Herd and Tristan Roulot


For more information on Tabulit, you can visit their website here and for more information on the event, visit their Facebook event page here.

Date: Thursday, August 31st,
Time: 6 PM
Location: Allo Velo Boutique et Cafe on 141 rue du Shannon Montreal, Quebec

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Interview with Nick Marinkovich, artist for The Voyageur being featured at the event:


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