Content Production

Can you benefit from added exposure, creative content, or simply have better tools to present who you are as an artist, your organization or your event?  At Jano Lapin, we are experts of the art and culture industry.  We will establish what works best for your needs and budget.  We specialize in video production but can also lend a helping hand in written articles and social media content. we will fulfill your creative needs for your original self.   We understand your specific environment and can help get your message across to your target market.

Please write to us at to get the conversation started.

Art Advisory

Art brings energy into your environment and tells a story.  It embodies who we are, how we feel and is an essential part of embellishing your surroundings.

At Jano Lapin, we are a primary art market service that will accompany you in the process to find art that connects with you.  Using artists that we represent, other local artists or even international artists, we will help you find the best fit for you depending on your budget and objectives.

Corporate & Residential Services

Propose curated artists and artworks based on your wishes including any types of wall décor and murals.

  • Wall Décor design
  • Personal wall décor projects (Photo & Portraits)
  • Finding available artworks from specific artists (National or International)
  • Visit galleries, studios, or relevant third party for specific needs (accompanied or not)

Initial Offer

Based on your likings, requests, and means, we present you with a comprehensive report which includes recommending artists & artworks with bios and key facts based on your specific needs.

Custom Package

In an initial meeting, we can estimate the time it will take to achieve your needs.
From decorating a specific wall, office or an entire house – we can assist you.


We can provide custom framing services depending on your budget.

Events / Live Art

If you are looking to include artwork in your event to decorate the space, we can assist you.  We will add a touch of creative inspiration for your guests! We can also arrange for certain artists to do live art.

Please write to for inquiries and to set up an initial discussion.