Photo of Kim-Sanh Chau
Cultural Lifestyle

Kim-Sanh Châu Explores Asian Diaspora Through Dance and Song

In Bleu Néon, Kim-Sanh Châu, 35, uses dance and song to navigate the fantasy of nostalgia, loss of language and

Cultural Lifestyle

Gab Paquet au Club Soda | La St-Valentin tous les jours

C’est le 13 avril dernier que Gab Paquet a finalement foulé les planches de la scène du Club Soda à

Cultural Lifestyle

La Suite Métiers d’Arts Signée Jean-Claude Poitras au Fairmont Reine-Élizabeth

Le 29 mars 2022 était lancé le projet Suite Métiers d’art Signée Jean-Claude Poitras au prestigieux hôtel Montréalais Fairmont Reine-Élizabeth.

Photo of Coeur de Pirate
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Coeur de Pirate Returns to the Stage Alongside Thaïs

Follow the Rabbit on Instagram and Facebook. There’s an intimacy to a Coeur de Pirate concert that can’t be replicated.  It’s in how she smiles

Photo of art by Tati Tung
Cultural Lifestyle

Tati Tung | Art that teaches How to Not Wear a Mask

Tati Tung’s son is quick to point out which painting is of him. He proudly points to an orange water-colour

Photo of tattooing
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Exploring Tattooing From Iran and Maghreb Dot by Dot

Dot by dot like a baby gazelle, an exhibition presented at La Centrale galerie Powerhouse draws on tattoo cultures from