Starting Tuesday, September 25th @8PM

Three ways to watch the Art Impact series. 


You have cable TV with Videotron. This is just your luck because channel 609 will be playing the series many times a week. The official time is Tuesday at 8 pm and Thursday at 11:30 pm but if you check your menu, you will note other times as well.


You don’t have cable with Videotron but you have a Videotron product (internet, mobile etc.) You might not know this but you can have an illico web account. That means that if you log in the website  you have on-demand access to all the programming that MAtv offers including Art Impact as long as the episode has already aired you can watch any of the Art Impact series. I am not sure how long the series will be available after the six weeks go by so don’t wait!


You are not a Videotron client. Ok so you need to be a tad more vigilant in your situation, but it’s very possible. The first episode airs Tuesday, September 25th, 2018 at 8PM.  That episode will then be available to watch online on the website click here Every week after that, for the next six weeks, a new episode will be available online.  There are six episodes in total for this series.

Below, you will find the list of all the guests, their episode and what week their show will be airing and therefore, available online. 

Copy of Viewing schedule (2)

Episode 1: Street Art & Murals


Episode 2: From Illustrator to Fine Artist


Episode 3: Visual FX


Episode 4: Philanthropy in the Arts

Episode 5: Haute Couture as an Art

Episode 6: Contemporary Indigenous Art