Starting Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

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19 guests including artists, organizations, and specialists.

This is the first edition of ART Impact.  Each of the six episodes features a relevant topic of the art world and includes a related artist, expert, and organization.  Showcasing the evolving culture of our society in an easy to follow format, the show examines the interrelated impact that each entity can have in a captivating way.  Genuine, unique and inspiring, Art Impact presents a 360 perspective of important topics with a host who is animated and approachable.

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Content Producer & Host.

Anne Jano is an ardent Montrealer, lover of the Arts and well-traveled curious individual.  Growing up in a vibrant cultural environment, she practiced dance, drawing, and piano. Studying business at HEC, graduating with a BBA and MSc, she did a significant project on cultural non-profits. Anne volunteers in various arts organizations including the Young Philanthropist Circle of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. To engage her creative side, she established a brand/blog (Jano Lapin) where she reveals her enthusiasm for the art world she frequents.

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Our host, Anne Jano, will proudly be wearing apparel from  La Petite Garçonne.


Hair and nails services will be provided by L’Atelier located in Old Montreal.


The Artists.

Stikki Peaches
Stikki Peaches
Heidi Taillerfer
Heidi Taillefer
Irene Smirnova
Irene Smirnova
Catherine Bolduc
Cinthya Chalifoux
Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 9.21.20 PM.png
Caroline Monnet

The Organisations.


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The Experts.

Kris Murray
Social & Cultural Analyst
Concordia University

Robert Wiseman
Econo Malls

Chad Nixon
Executive Producer

Caroline Bergeron
Director of the Philanthropic Management Certificate
Université de Montréal

Melanie Trevett
Business Innovation Strategist – Fashion & Retail Sector

Digital Fashion World

Lindsay Nixon
Editor at large
Canadian Art Magazine

To view the video and the pictures of the ART impact launch party at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, click here. 


Episode 1: Street Art & Murals – Preview Stikki peaches X Anne Jano

Episode 2 From Illustrator to Fine Artist – Preview Heidi Taillefer X Anne Jano

Episode 3: Visual FX in Cinema – Preview Irene Smirnova X Anne Jano

Episode 4: Philanthropy in the Arts – Preview Catherine Bolduc X Anne Jano

Episode 5: Haute Couture – Preview Cinthya Chalifoux X Anne Jano

Episode 6: Indigenous Contemporary Art – Preview Caroline Monnet X Anne Jano