Visual Artists

Carlo Polidoro Lopez | Rising Contemporary Artist with Italian and Ecuadorian Heritage

Carlo Polidoro Lopez is a Concordia Fine Arts student,  and is already making waves in the art world!  Being followed by

Cultural Lifestyle

5 albums You Must Listen to! | Summer 2020

Summer is almost over, but don’t be sad. We got you covered with plenty of great music that was released

Creative Encounters

Quand l’art est vivant

Mes amis sont des musiciens, des peintres, des muralistes, des cinéastes et des photographes. Ils sont aussi des artistes performeurs.

Cultural Lifestyle

5 albums You Must Listen to! | Spring 2020

This new Top 5 feature has been a long time coming. COVID-19 has hit us all in unexpected ways and

Travel Inspiration

Budapest | Lifestyle Haven & Stunning Landscapes

A multicultural place where you can enjoy life, learn about a fascinating history, all while being surrounded by breathtaking landscapes.

Cultural Lifestyle

8 Inspirational Reasons to Visit Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a classical city with an abundance of cultural institutions to discover.  It is entertaining, safe and gives off