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Gab Paquet au Club Soda | La St-Valentin tous les jours

C’est le 13 avril dernier que Gab Paquet a finalement foulé les planches de la scène du Club Soda à

Cultural Lifestyle

La Suite Métiers d’Arts Signée Jean-Claude Poitras au Fairmont Reine-Élizabeth

Le 29 mars 2022 était lancé le projet Suite Métiers d’art Signée Jean-Claude Poitras au prestigieux hôtel Montréalais Fairmont Reine-Élizabeth.

Photo of Coeur de Pirate
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Coeur de Pirate Returns to the Stage Alongside Thaïs

Follow the Rabbit on Instagram and Facebook. There’s an intimacy to a Coeur de Pirate concert that can’t be replicated.  It’s in how she smiles

Photo of art by Tati Tung
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Tati Tung | Art that teaches How to Not Wear a Mask

Tati Tung’s son is quick to point out which painting is of him. He proudly points to an orange water-colour

Sara-Claude Hammond | Art that stimulates the senses

Sara-Claude Hammond invites people to engage with her exhibition through touch. By stimulating the senses, visitors become an integral part

Photo of tattooing
Cultural Lifestyle

Exploring Tattooing From Iran and Maghreb Dot by Dot

Dot by dot like a baby gazelle, an exhibition presented at La Centrale galerie Powerhouse draws on tattoo cultures from