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23 Visual Artists for the First Exhibit, “Ribboned Rainbow” of Jano Lapin Gallery’s New Space in Verdun

EN (FR below) The art exhibition, ‘’Ribboned Rainbow’’ is the launch of the Jano Lapin Gallery & Studios at 3819

Visual Artists

Marilyne Bissonnette et ses oeuvres d’art sculpturales, murales, et absolument fascinantes!

J’ai découvert les œuvres de Marilyne Bissonnette par hasard. C’était peut-être une sérendipité parce que j’ai immédiatement senti que je voudrais

Visual Artists

Alexia McKindsey Visual Artist | The Domestic Home and Family Narratives

Alexia McKindsey is a recent Concordia Visual Arts graduate but has already distinguished herself with remarkable artwork that has distinct

Visual Artists

Carlo Polidoro Lopez | Rising Contemporary Artist with Italian and Ecuadorian Heritage

Carlo Polidoro Lopez is a Concordia Fine Arts student,  and is already making waves in the art world!  Being followed by

Creative Encounters

Quand l’art est vivant

Mes amis sont des musiciens, des peintres, des muralistes, des cinéastes et des photographes. Ils sont aussi des artistes performeurs.

Creative Encounters

Alex Coma | Entranced by Visual Artist and Mystic

The scent of sandalwood incense wafts through the air when I walk in. At first, the meticulously clean space looks