Starting Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

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20 guests including artists, organizations, and specialists.

This is the second edition of ART Impact.  Each of the six episodes features a relevant topic of the art world and includes a related artist, expert, and organization.  Showcasing the evolving culture of our society in an easy to follow format, the show examines the interrelated impact that each entity can have in a captivating way.  Genuine, unique and inspiring, Art Impact presents a 360 perspective of important topics with a host who is animated and approachable.

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We are proud to announce the lineup of Season 2 of Art Impact launching January 2020. 

Episode 1 : Art Fairs


Jean-Francois Belisle
Executive Director and Chief Curator of Musée d’art de Joliette


Eric Lamontagne
Visual Artist represented by Art Mur



Julie Lacroix
General Director Association des Galeries d’Art Contemporain (AGAC) and Papier


Episode 2: Opera


Max Van Wyck
Professional Opera Singer and former Atelier Lyrique member at Opéra de Montréal


Sasha Djihanian
Professional Opera Singer

Performance accompanied by pianist Jennifer Szeto


Patrick Corrigan
General Director, Opéra de Montreal

Episode 3: Theatre


Alisa Palmer
Artistic Director of the English section and Director of the Acting and Directing programs National Theatre School of Canada


Quincy Armorer
Actor and Artistic Director of Black Theatre Workshop



Eda Holmes
Artistic/Executive Director, Centaur Theatre

Episode 4: Ballet


Anik Bissonnette
Director of the École supérieur de ballet de Montréal


Maude Sabourin
Dancer Grands Ballets Canadiens and former Monte Carlo Dancer


Marc Lalonde
General Director, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal

Episode 5: Orchestra


Louis Lavigueur
Artistic Director and Conductor of the Montreal Youth Symphony Orchestra


Nicolas Ellis
Music Conductor. Artistic Partner at Orchestre Métropolitain and Director of Orchestre de l’Agora


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Marianne Perron
Director, Music Programming, OSM

Jean-Willy Kunz
Resident Organist, OSM

Episode 6: Arts and Technology


Nicolas Bernier
PhD Digital Arts, and Professor at University of Montreal


Alice Jarry
Visual Artist. M.A, Ph.D. Candidate in Études et Pratiques des Arts, UQAM. Assistant Professor, Design & Computation Arts, Concordia University, Montreal


Monique Savoie
Founder and President, Société des arts technologiques


Content Producer & Host.

Anne Jano is an ardent Montrealer, lover of the Arts and well-traveled curious individual.  Growing up in a vibrant cultural environment, she practiced dance, drawing, and piano. Studying business at HEC, graduating with a BBA and MSc, she did a significant project on cultural non-profits. Anne volunteers in various arts organizations including the Young Philanthropist Circle of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. To engage her creative side, she established a brand/blog (Jano Lapin) where she reveals her enthusiasm for the art world she frequents.


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