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Founder/Editor-in-chief/Creative Director. Passionate about the city of Montreal, discovering its various cultural components as well as exploring foreign places. I am inspired by artists, innovative concepts, philanthropy, creative encounters, and cultural events.   

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Alexandra Margs

Content Manager. JMSB alumna with a business mind and a creative heart. Prefers any environment where she can combine the two. World traveler who is at her happiest in airports/train stations/bus stands because that usually means she is on her way to explore a fascinating new destination. Curious about the process and history of creators such as Gaudí, Dalí, and Chanel to name just a few. Montrealer who loves discovering art and stories that set the soul on fire, making them all the more exciting to share!

Phil Naud

Content Creator. CPA (although he doesn’t want people to know about it — oops!). Francophone and Francophile, he has a dream of bringing Québec’s two solitudes together through cultural exchanges. Improv Actor for 15 years. Music lover, from New Age to Death Metal and everything in between.  View all posts by Phil here.

Olivia Piche

Content Creator. Journalism student at Concordia University and travel enthusiast. Passionate about music, poetry, and getting to know the stories of new individuals- especially those inspired by their art. Olivia aims to create connections through her love of writing by sharing experiences and stories. View all posts by Olivia here.

MC Duval

Content Creator.  Criminology Masters graduate turned visual artist. Fascinated by human contrasts, taboos, and connections, she expresses the positivity in these extremes. The tipping point between beauty, cruelty, society, and loneliness – amid fake and authentic human interactions. MC is eager to gain life experiences and knowledge and share them with you.

Elle Jano

Content Creator. The most mysterious of the Jano Team. With a love of food, music, and travel – Elle has a keen outlook on what she likes and dislikes. Find out more when you read her stories.   

Vania Djelani

Content Creator. Vania Djelani completed her BFA in Art History & Studio Arts at Concordia University. As a writer and researcher, she is interested in the concept of placemaking within contemporary landscapes. In exploring subjects like race, class and gender, she often explores the ways in which materiality can be manipulated to construct a sense of identity. View all posts by Vania here.

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