Our Team


Anne Jano

Founder & Creative Director. Passionate about the city of Montreal, discovering its various cultural components as well as exploring foreign places. I am inspired by artists, innovative concepts, philanthropy, creative encounters and cultural events.   

Alexandra Margs

Alexandra Margs

Author & Photographer. JMSB alumni with a business mind and a creative heart. Prefers any environment where she can combine the two. World traveler who is at her happiest in airports/train stations/bus stands because that usually means she is on her way to explore a fascinating new destination. Curious about the process and history of creators such as Gaudí, Dalí, and Chanel to name just a few. Montrealer who loves discovering art and stories that set the soul on fire, making them all the more exciting to share!


MC Duval

Author & Photographer.  Criminology Masters graduate turned visual artist. Fascinated by human contrasts, taboos, and connections, she expresses the positivity in these extremes. The tipping point between beauty, cruelty, society, and loneliness – amid fake and authentic human interactions. MC is eager to gain life experiences and knowledge and share them with you.

Elle Jano. Author & Lifestyle Expert. The most mysterious of the Jano Team.

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