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7 ART Things to Do in Montreal | Art & the City June 2021

June is here! And with it the hopes of sunshine and a return to semi-vibrancy for the best summer city

Creative Encounters

Montreal’s Vibrant Poetry Scene and Inspired Poet Rachel McCrum

It’s no secret that our city is home to a vast artistic community, one that includes the Montreal’s vibrant poetry

Visual Artists

Entrevue Audio | Chantal L’Heureux discute avec Anne Janody sur la Galerie Jano Lapin par

AUDIO: Entrevue Magazine de Situ – 1 er mai 2021

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6 ART Things to Do in Montreal | Art & the City May 2021

“It’s gonna be May!” I hope you read that in the obligatory Justin-Timberlake-of-NSYNC-era voice. That being said, a fresh new

Mask Down Video Multi Media Performance Cinthya Chalifoux My Magic Reality Jano Lapin Gallery
Visual Artists

Cinthya Chalifoux | From Bespoke Haute Couture to Fine Artist

Cinthya Chalifoux might be new to Fine Art but her previous work and experiences as a bespoke artist amplify her

marvelous coloured pencil fine artwork by Theriault
Visual Artists

Lisa Theriault’s Marvelous Coloured Pencil Fine Artwork Will Move You

I discovered Lisa Theriault’s marvelous coloured pencil fine artwork during the Artch festival in May 2020. This was one of