Les Frères à Ch’val | La guitare à l’épaule, le coeur au soleil

Comme plusieurs, j’ai découvert Polo à travers son groupe le plus connu, Les Frères à Ch’val! Arrivés en trombe au milieu des

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5 albums You Must Listen to! | May/June 2019

Summer mode has hit the local music industry and Jano Lapin as well! In between two Margaritas and Moscow Mules,

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5 Albums you Must Listen To | April 2019

April flew by fast, but not without leaving behind some incredible albums from the local scene. Here’s our April 5

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5 Albums you Must Listen to | March 2019

March has been a strong month on the French side of the local scene from newcomers and established acts alike.

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5 Albums You Must Listen to! |December 2018

In terms of album releases, December is a slower month.  That’s not to say there isn’t any quality music that