7 Great Reasons to Visit Ottawa as a Canadian

Ottawa is Canada’s capital, but it doesn’t have the best reputation for entertainment.  However, we are lucky to live in

Cultural Lifestyle

The Tashme Project | Living Archives at Centaur Theater

When I first heard about the play The Tashme Project: The Living Archives and heard the words “verbatim theater”, I was

Cultural Lifestyle

ART Toronto | Highlights of the Canadian Art Fair’s 19th Edition

What a beautiful sight it is to walk in Canada’s largest art fair! Showcasing contemporary and modern artworks, it remarkably

Cultural Lifestyle

​Flamboyant International Fireworks Competition at La Ronde!

If you haven’t had the pleasure to assist a “real” fireworks show, I suggest you put that on your wishlist

Creative Encounters

Lauren Mann | Singer Songwriter |5,000KM from Pender Island

Pop, rock, melancholy and folk are what you are going to hear in Lauren Mann’s new album.  “Dearestly,” the fantastic