Visual Artists

Le nouveau programme d’artistes en résidences à la galerie Jano Lapin !

La Galerie Jano Lapin est fière d’offrir, grâce à une subvention de Desjardins, deux résidences artistiques de recherche-création d’une durée

Cultural Lifestyle

DIVINA DALI | A Visual Expression of “The Divine Comedy” in Old Montreal

In Montreal, we are lucky to have innovative producers who push the limits of what we are used to experiencing!

A summer of laughter with Montreal Comedy Club is underway.
Cultural Lifestyle

A Summer of Laughter with Montreal Comedy Club

It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself sitting under bright stage lights and kicking off a summer of

Café Orr, one of the creative cafés in Montreal
Cultural Lifestyle

5 Creative Cafés in Montreal Worth the Visit

Now that indoor dining and seating are finally allowed, it might be time to further indulge in the creative spaces

Creative Encounters

Montreal’s Vibrant Poetry Scene and Inspired Poet Rachel McCrum

It’s no secret that our city is home to a vast artistic community, one that includes the Montreal’s vibrant poetry

Visual Artists

Entrevue Audio | Chantal L’Heureux discute avec Anne Janody sur la Galerie Jano Lapin par

AUDIO: Entrevue Magazine de Situ – 1 er mai 2021 janolapinmedia