Rocky Horror Cult movie | Live Show

I am stoked to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Montreal this year. Halloween movie classic along with live actors – I can’t believe I waited so long to see this now annual event. Costume up and get ready for some sing-along and dancing. It’s mesmerizing, weird, cool, and strangely relatable. The story is about a couple of simple people entering a house full of costumed oddball strangers that lure them in a fun yet awkward evening. Sounds like something I would be into. An adventure is always around the corner when you are open to it!


The event has been around long enough to become a classic cult movie experience for Halloween fans. It’s a guaranteed party and a real treat! Halloween was never my favorite holiday but it’s slowly growing on me – a lot. The makeup and the costumes are fun. I guess once you get past the parties where everyone is wearing an excuse of a costume – you can find the die hard fans that truly showcase the orange and black Fall culture. The creative side of people come out and suddenly you are enchanted by their alter egos. Funny but true, I’m sure you have had a shocking moment where you see someone dressed as something you didn’t expect!

Check out the ticket info here and see you there on Halloween night!

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