6 Artists You Should Follow on IG – December edition

Many visual artists have been increasingly using Instagram to create a fan base and steady following of their Art.  It’s a great and easy way to show the public what they have been working on!   Every period, we will feature selected visual artists that caught our attention.  Here is our first edition for December.

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Antoine TAVA

Montreal Pop Artist Antoine Tava represented by LeRoyer gallery is refreshing and unique. We love his screaming hearts, melting figures and recognized characters such as Tintin, Mickey Mouse, and Andy Warhol.   Each piece has something special and yet you can easily recognize his style and colors.

Nobody is fast enough to catch this sly fox 🐺💨 @mooseyart

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Dominic Besner

Contemporary artist Dominic Besner is represented by many galleries around the world. We love the combination of style, subjects, colors and technique he uses in his paintings.   Already well established, you can find his website here.



Brazilian artist represented by urban art gallery Station16 in Montreal – this street artist is known worldwide for his murals of colorful edgy birds.  The South American influence creates something you might not be used to in a very positive way!


Neil Mota

This Canadian photographer is known for his portraits and fashion editorials (a regular at ELLE magazine).  Over the course of his young career, many celebrities already posed for him such as Meghan Trainer, George-St-Pierre, and many top models.   His Instagram feed is varied and always cool.  Keep your eye out for this talented tattooed photographer.  You can find his website here

Thank you @yiannidemetriadis lucky to have you around

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Jessica Potenza

Art and coffee? Sounds like a perfect Sunday morning.  This artist has created paintings of beautiful horses using a mixing palette of natural sources such as coffee mixed with acrylic and ink.  The combination is beautiful, simple and authentic.  The self-taught artist has a growing fan base you should be part of! We love her creation video below.


Stikki Peaches

Saving the best for last? We wrote a full story on this street artist (find it HERE) and his Instagram account is definitely one of our favorites. Always packed with original content he is an active user and already very popular. Keeping his face under wraps, you will stay captivated by the characters in his art and lively lifestyle!

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