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Why go to Osheaga?  To me, its about feeling inspired, discovering something new that undeniably gives you that good vibes feeling.  Like, how did I not know about this artist before? My life just got better. Yup, it’s as simple as that.  Your car ride home is going to be a little more pleasant and you may even become a new supporter of a talented artist.

OK, so back to Osheaga 2018.  As usual, they delivered a WIDE range of music, shows, entertainment, and just about anything else you can expect from a summer music festival.  As much as there is public backlash once the lineup comes out annually depending on individual tastes, I would like to reiterate, Osheaga is about discovering artists you may not know yet and of course, having a good time.  So before you make a decision based on the lineup next year, try to stay positive.  Personally, I was there on Saturday, and I was blown away by the amazing talent I was able to experience.


First off, I think we can all agree that no matter your taste in music (pop, rock, RnB, techno, house, indie, to name a few) Osheaga is the only music festival in Montreal that showcases such a well-rounded curated list of music artists.  For three days straight, you can completely immerse yourself into a distinct atmosphere that makes you feel connected to your fellow festival-goers as well as relish watching artists pour their hearts out on stage.


045-osheaga day 2-photo susan moss

Lights. We start off the day in the rain.  Have no fear, that doesn’t stop performances from happening such as Lights, the Canadian pop artist who has a singular voice and energetic appearance. Having already been in the music industry for over ten years, her experience on stage comes through as she delivers her fun and emotional music that captivates the audience. I must say I have a soft spot for all Canadian artists who have had the capacity to gain international appraisal so Lights was definitely a great starting point to the day!

Fashion. Luckily the weather got better.  A lot better. It was sunny, hot and the crowd started arriving with their scandalous skin showing outfits.  But let’s be honest, when you go to Osheaga, you should expect it and who doesn’t love to witness some extravagant people dressed up for the occasion.  Of course, the fashion and style varied from outstanding to pretty terrible but you can appreciate the blend.

Lany. The American indie pop band Lany was a lovely discovery. Formed in Los Angeles in 2014, this trio has a really chill vibe. The romantic lyrics combined with some more funky sound reminiscing of the 80s was perfect to feel good on a beautiful summer day surrounded by thousands.  It got the crowd waving their hands in the air and relishing the moment.

Blondie. OK so I knew who Blondie was but I didn’t realize just how many popular songs they had actually been responsible for until this set. Of course, they performed Call me, presumably one of their biggest hits, but they also played One Way or Another, a song that has become a classic no matter who sings it.  I have to say that it felt pretty nostalgic and epic to be in their rock star presence.  Even if you were not a fan in their early days (too young like myself), it was still a great moment to experience.

Khalid.  This 20-year-old American from Texas was for me, the highlight.  Playing all his famous hits, he has become an acclaimed singer and songwriter in no time.  Mature beyond his years, this easygoing performer was up there dancing and smiling the whole time.  Wearing a comfy sweatsuit outfit, he looked very much in his element and it made him loveable.  At one point he mentions that he is about to perform the first song he ever wrote, really? That is impressive, to say the least.  I can now say that I am a true Khalid fan and look forward to his upcoming music and performances.  A great example of how Osheaga can help you better learn about the artists you already recognize but don’t necessarily know much about.

The Arctic Monkeys.  The day ended with a performance by the British band The Arctic Monkeys.  This veteran band comes on stage with confidence and delivers a solid, meticulous performance.  The band was on point and you get a sense that this isn’t their first rodeo.  Their music, very much what I would expect from an acclaimed British rock band was a dynamic end to a wonderful day.

Artic_Monkeys_by_PBeaudry-15After thirteen successful years, Osheaga doesn’t cease to deliver a consistently well- organized summer music festival at Parc Jean-Drapeau.  A few metro stops away from the island of Montreal, it gives you the sense of immersing yourself into a place of art, music, diversity and our very own Montreal culture.  Something to look forward to year after year!

For more information on Osheaga, you can visit their website here.  Stay tuned for their Facebook updates here.  

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