5 Miami Art Establishments to Visit Year Round

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Wynwood Walls.

Time to get your picture taken! Or #selfie? Don’t be shy because that is what everyone is doing around here.  Some of the best muralists in the world have created very skillful pieces inside these gates.  I would describe it as an outdoor mural gallery that is just lovely to enjoy.  Within the gated area, there are a couple of stores, art galleries, and restaurant that each has their flavor of the urban art. But, the best part is the essence of the surroundings, the people enjoying these powerful creations.

Every year, new artists are invited to paint on certain walls so there is something new to discover regularly. Enjoy this celebration of murals and embrace the lively neighborhood that surrounds it.  From indie shops to hipster cafés like Panther’s Coffee, you can easily spend the day in the area enjoying the variety.

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Miami Design District

The Design District.  Still quite new, the Miami Design District is growing fast.  Fancy shops and restaurants are lined up in this area, even the parking car garage is artistic.  You can enjoy this posh area and make a day out of it with the ICA, De La Cruz Gallery and more to discover!

The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)

The Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) was my favorite discovery! Opening its doors in 2017 in a beautiful new building located in the heart of the Design District of Miami, you don’t want to miss this gem.  Free to the public, this new institution has stellar curated exhibits that are well worth it. There is even an outdoor sculpture garden you can enjoy and relax in.  On every floor, there is someone there to answer your questions about the artworks which makes it a personable experience.   Overall, a great place in a fascinating district.

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De la Cruz Gallery

Founded by a married couple who want to showcase their private collection, this stunning public gallery has much to discover.  The couple,  of Cuban descent, showcases an interesting collection of artworks from artists of their native country.  Highlights include works from artists Ana Mendieta and Félix González Torres.  Of course, there are many artists featured from all over the world, but these were my personal favorite.

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Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

The PAMM was re-opened in 2013 with a magnificent new structure.  The new Perez Art Museum is located in downtown Miami with a view on the water.   Enjoy the lookout, the swings, and the delicious food at the restaurant but don’t miss the stunning collection inside as well.  The architecture alone of this place is worth the visit.  You will be impressed by Miami’s largest contemporary museum!

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The Bass

Located in Miami Beach, this is a lovely contemporary art museum you have to discover.  When I was there, I enjoyed an interactive exhibit from Paola Pivi that was truly memorable. It’s a great activity close to the beach that isn’t overwhelming in size and seemingly curated for the upbeat and vibrant Miami crowd.

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As you can note, MIAMI has become a go-to for international art lovers during art week in December, but can be enjoyed year round as well! We love it and hope you do too!

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