Wildside Festival | Cozy Winter Nights at Centaur Theatre!

Wildside Festival Centaur Theatre Montreal Promo January 2019

How do you like your theatre? Comedy? Drama? Coming of age? Experimental? Either way, the Centaur Theatre has the thing for all you theatre lovers this month at the Wildside Festival.

More specifically, the iconic Centaur Theatre is presenting a selection of new, cutting-edge indie performances as a part of the Wildside Festival. This 22nd edition of the Festival is taking place from January 8th to January 20th. Some have affectionately referred to Wildside as “the hottest two weeks in winter”!

Celebrating Indie Theatre

First of all, the goal of the Wildside Festival is to celebrate amazing productions that don’t necessarily get much mainstream exposure.

Furthermore, the plays selected for the festival are usually very varied in terms of style. Essentially, a little something for everyone’s tastes. This year, these are the seven plays selected. You can click on the image below to get more details about each of them.

Wildside Festival List of Plays Centaur Theatre Montreal

The Offside of Wildside

Following the last show of the night on January 10, 12, 17, 18 and 19, you can head over to the Centaur Gallery for free pop-up performances. This is the Offside! Basically, this is where the Montreal theatre scene meets the Montreal music scene. Also, all of these performances will be in tribute to Kate Bush and Patti Smith. To get a glimpse at their music, take a listen to some clips below.

Patti Smith Music
Kate Bush Music

Experiencing Wildside Festival

To conclude, I’m really liking the vast selection of plays at this year’s Wildside Festival and I personally can’t wait to check them out! Highly recommended for theatre enthusiasts and anyone looking to spend a cold winter evening in a cozy and highly creative environment! For tickets and info, it’s right over here!

Wildside Festival Centaur Theatre Promo Image from Website


Lastly, we are big fans of the Centaur Theatre at Jano Lapin. Check out our reviews of some great performances at this Montreal institution such as The Tashme Project and The Daisy Theatre!

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