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Montreal is full of talent! Without even searching, I stumble upon gorgeous works of art and interesting artist. Such a privilege! This was the case with painter Mona Mariana Ciciovan. I discovered her through Queens of Art which is an organization helping artists promote and share their work with collectors and art lovers. They are currently presenting a retrospective on Ciciovan’s career at the POP UP Gallery on St-Denis (4152 Saint-Denis).

Mona Ciciovan, the Artist

First of all, Ciciovan is a Montreal-based Romanian-Canadian contemporary abstract painter with an artistic career spanning twenty years. More specifically, her art has been presented in over 30 shows on the international scene in Singapore, Madrid, Paris, Montreal, Bucharest and New York to name a few.

Secondly, the deeper purpose of Ms. Ciciovan’s art is to create a visual concerto of colors, emotions and vibrations, that put the audience in a dream-like state. Before knowing anything about the artist herself, her work sparked in me a feeling of delicious illusion just like when one observes a landscape during a foggy orange sunset in the summertime. So, mission accomplished!


Mona Ciciovan at vernissage
Mona Ciciovan at the launch of her Retrospective exhibit at the POP UP Gallery


Behind the Art

Furthermore, Mona Ciciovan’s work is both structured  and ethereal. Consequently, you will see multiple perspectives of an image within one single painting. The artist also uses color and light to bring out the energy of what is being portrayed.

Halfway between the abstract and the figurative, the real and the imaginary, my paintings, far from the mimicry, give a metaphoric and poetic meaning to the urban landscape – M.M. Ciciovan

Some of her work such as Souvenirs d’un vieux port gave me a Hieronymus Bosch vibe not in its content, but in its relation to a dream state and superimposed experiences. Below you will find an overview of my favorite pieces from each series of Ms. Ciciovan’s catalogue.


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Continuously Inspired

POP UP gallery ciciovan

To sum up, this was an awesome artist discovery for me with a special connection as both Mona and myself share a proud Romanian heritage! I think Ms. Ciciovan’s work would make an inspired addition to your art collection or your general artistic experience. To view the exhibit at the POP UP Gallery, you can make an appointment by reaching out to the artist here or to Queens of Art here. For more information, you can check out her website. Also, her paintings are part of a permanent exhibition at the Images Boréales Art Gallery (4 Saint Paul St. East).

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