Montebello, QC Getaway | Outdoor Activities & Calming Luxury

Have you ever wanted to enter a fairytale? Well, Montebello, in the Canadian Quebec province, offers a compelling narrative.  At the center, you have the château of Montebello, a Fairmont hotel and charming resort that offers just about any outdoor activity your heart desires.  And located next to the Ottawa River, you are surrounded by picturesque landscapes that take your breath away.

The beauty was amplified by the fact that we went during the core Fall period which means the leaves on the trees were in a full-on range of colors.  If you are a visual person like myself, this was an unbeatable time of year to go to enjoy the surroundings. Everything felt a little more magical and a little more unique.

Le Chateau Montebello – Fairmont

Why stay at the Fairmont chateau you ask? There are plenty of other hotels nearby but staying in the heart of the action means you are part of it.  There is no better place to stay but the regulars know this.

The Pools

You don’t need to be a particular big swimmer to appreciate just how inviting and grandiose the indoor pool makes you feel. Of course, it is big enough to do laps but just being inside this place is an astonishing feeling. Great to use year-round. Also, there is an outdoor pool with a view on the lake which had us wanting to come back for more next year during the summer months!

Tennis Courts

Outdoor and indoor, any tennis player can appreciate the luxury of having yearlong tennis at your disposal

Health Club & Spa

Who doesn’t love having a full spa in connection to your choice of hotel getaway? Hassle-free appointments that just enhance your experience with your stay, it is a great way to add to your holiday.

Other Activities

Boating, hiking, golf, curling, squash, fitness center, and just about anything you can think of is available on the resort of the hotel.  Of course, depending on the season, you can favor one or the other, which makes it all that much better to keep coming back at different times of the year.

More than just the activities, the building includes a huge central fireplace which creates an unforgettable atmosphere of calming luxury.  Who hasn’t been hypnotized by a beautiful fire before?  Even during a pandemic like now, we were able to people watch all the guests sitting on various floors around the fireplace.  It gave a great atmosphere which you can appreciate in the evening after a long day outside.  As you imagine, the service and food of the restaurant were impeccable but I have to say the particular friendly staff made it even more enjoyable.

For all information regarding the Fairmont Le Chateau Montebello, click here

Parc Omega

This place is just wonderful! Less than 5 minutes away from the hotel (by car), you can enter this beautiful reserve of Canadian wildlife which has become a historic landmark just like the chateau.  From packs of wolves, dear, birds, a farm and so much more, this place will enchant you. You don’t need to be a child to enjoy the wonders that nature has to offer.  And from the comfort of your car, it just makes it that much easier to take your time and really embrace it.

I appreciated the radio station (accessible in English and in French) that is easily available for the explorers who want to learn more about the animals in the park (again while sitting in your car). It helped me immerse myself in the experience and learn more in the process.

They also have possible visits at nights where you can see the wolves in full action.  Quite exciting!

For all information regarding Parc Omega, click here.

Montebello Village

Of course, there is a real Montebello village with plenty of history, restaurants, and boutiques to explore. Just a short walk away from the resort, we had the chance to try some delicious food and talk to some helpful folks!

An example was a chocolate store where you can see them create it, it is called ChocoMotive and after trying their goods, we can validate the deliciousness.  For all information regarding ChocoMotive, click here.

A great restaurant that served wood-oven pizza was the Bistro Montebello.  For all information regarding Bistro Montebello, click here

After such a delightful first experience in Montebello, we can’t wait to go back and discover the activities and landscapes during all of the other seasons!

Not too far away, under an hour’s drive to be precise, you have the chance to visit the capital of our beautiful country, Ottawa. Click here to read about our trip there!

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