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As you may know, Montreal offers much variety when it comes to experiences. We are known simultaneously as a party city, a foodie city and, of course, an art & culture city! Let’s take the newest permanent exhibition space at the Palais des Congrès for example. Featured in our March 2021 Art & the City article, OASIS Immersion is now presenting its first exhibit “Inspirations” and I wanted to share our experience with you!

art & the city oasis immersion. Expo Inspirations
Inspirations exhibit. Photo: Oasis immersion

The Concept

Firstly, Oasis immersion is an experience where you walk through multiple huge spaces where you are surrounded by laser projections and beautiful soundscapes! More specifically, through bright imagery, music and narration you explore the subjects below.

  1. Astronaut (and doctor!) David Saint-Jacques on living in space
  2. Pianist and composer Alexandra Stréliski on her musical journey
  3. YouTuber Émile Roy & resilience and action
  4. An homage to Quebec’s creativity
  5. Comfort and well-being, “hygge” style
  6. The new architectural wonders of the world

The Oasis Immersion Experience

At first, you walk into an atrium with information about the show. Then, you proceed into the “time machine” where, through snippets, you travel from one part of the exhibit to the next. This was my favorite room because it was a small taste of everything which made me excited to see the rest. Furthermore, out of the 6 spaces, my top 3 were: the innovations in future world architecture, the dance vibes of the Quebec creativity room and experiencing the passion and musical prowess of Alexandra Stréliski.

In conclusion, I had a lovely time attending the new “Inspirations” exhibit. So, I believe that Oasis Immersion at the Palais des Congrès is perfect for a date night, a rainy day in or simply for an immersive experience where you are submerged in creativity! This is a permanent exhibit that you can visit now; for more information and for tickets, it’s over here.

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