Cinthya Chalifoux | From Bespoke Haute Couture to Fine Artist

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Cinthya Chalifoux might be new to Fine Art but her previous work and experiences as a bespoke artist amplify her diverse artwork. As a Bachelor of Fine Arts student at Concordia University, she has already been noted as a keen worker and unique concept creator. Of course, her natural pull towards using textile will surely remain in her practice but she is also producing video art concepts where she is the performer! 

She is a diverse, experienced, and ultra-talented multi-medium artist. With her skill set and drive, she will surely continue to impress. We are excited to continue watching her evolve as a visual artist and showcasing her art at Jano Lapin Gallery. For those who are interested, we wrote an article about her work back in 2016 (find it here).  Below, our newest article adresses where Cinthya Chalifoux stands today as an Artist.  

Since you were a child, what do you feel were the important events that led you to become the artist you are today? 

I was a very mature child, preoccupied with things that had nothing to do with my age, such as history, the meaning of the messages hidden in music perhaps- there were so many ‘why’s in my mind. That fact led me to feel very isolated as I was not interested in other kids’ interests. I turned to creation reasonably quickly; it became a way to express, to research, to train myself towards my interests- until this day. I feel the search is never over, and the ways to express a point of view or to simply express beauty, are endless. Creativity is a rather colorful language. 

What are your inspirations as a visual artist?

There are so many! The Humanities and all of the intersections that this broad term includes highly inspire me. I get very inspired by reading researchers’ theses about the mind, its intricate functioning processes, its relation to the human body, and the institutional and ‘popular’ definitions attached to it over time within society. Reading and writing are actions that naturally lead to creation for me. As a textile artist, I also find inspiration in historical patterns, meanings, and history. I also get quickly creatively triggered by so many things from textures and colors to meaning-making. 

What do you feel is your most important lesson as an artist so far and why? 

That one has to learn to let go when creating; I often made the mistake of jumping to conclusions too rapidly. Patience is a virtue when making art; when we cannot find it, we can drift from the actual message. The message, in my eyes, should always preside- conveying a message is the art. Learning to mature the message and to let go of the production impulse leads to more engaging, meaningful artworks. 

Do you do anything specific to help yourself evolve as an artist? 

Yes, definitely! Research time is essential in my process; it is also vital to evolving my thoughts. It, therefore, has a direct impact on my evolution curve as an artist. 

What’s your process in creation?

A typical creation process usually starts with a train of thought incepted by research. Then it translates to writings and drawings, moving along to drafting a conceptual line. Materiality research and questions to self-phase actions follow; what is the medium required? What is the proper technique to create the experience? I then move forward in diving into these approaches and refine until I get to the best-suited point. 

What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not working on your art? 

Unlike my younger self, I now have amazing keen people around me that have similar interests (chuckles)- when not working on art-making, I enjoy simple social times punctuated with music, good food, and wine. I am a huge music fan; I cannot wait to attend a concert when health safety measures permit. 

For more information on Cinthya Chalifoux ‘s artwork as well as all of her available pieces, please visit this link at the Jano Lapin Gallery. 

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