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Summer nights, violins and candlelight. Where does your mind go when you read these words? My mind goes to romance, magic and wonder. This is what I found when attending the Music from Films concert, part of the Candlelight Concerts series by Fever. These concerts are taking place at beautiful venues throughout Montreal for the next few months!

Candlelight Concerts Montreal

Firstly, the concept of Candlelight Concerts is quite straightforward: live classical musicians (usually a quartet) pay homage to famous classical musicians, iconic movie scores and various seasonal themes. Of course, they do so surrounded by hundreds of candles. Not real ones obviously, safety first! This makes for an electric and magical atmosphere. In the upcoming months, there will be some awesome musical themes. The ones I am most keen on are the following:

Music From Films – Quite an Experience!

Secondly, as for my own experience, let me start by saying this: If I write out these musical notes 🎶”ba-dum”🎶 I am pretty sure you have read them as I intended. Two simple notes and your heart rate picks up and you instantly know that this is the soundtrack to Jaws. You may not remember all the story details of an iconic movie, but the equally iconic music remains.

At first, as I walked into the Hotel10 courtyard, there was a quiet anticipation that was buzzing through the crowd. As expected, there were candles on the stage, around the stage and throughout the venue. I wondered if four musical instruments can do justice to the epic-ness of some of my favorite movie scores. However, the answer was clear: yes they can! From the first notes of the first song until the last, I could not stop smiling from excitement.

As the musicians masterfully went from the Game of Thrones theme to the Lord of the Rings and to the tango scene in Pacino’s Scent of a Woman, I had to close my eyes to take it all in. Also, as I love some good trivia, I turned the experience into a bit of a quiz – trying to guess the song within the first few seconds. What a great night!

Candlelight Concerts – Piano. Image: Santiago Santamaria Soler

Experience the Magic

In conclusion, if you are looking for a magical activity or a date idea that does not just involve dinner and drinks, I highly recommend going to a Candlelight Concert. With so many theme options, you will certainly find one that piques your interest! Therefore, you can find all concerts information and tickets here.

Lastly, for another great experience taking place right now in the city, check out our article on Divina Dali.

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