OSHEAGA Get Together | Fall Fun October 1st to 3rd

We all know the Osheaga music festival for its fun and festive summer vibes it brings year after year!  With the pandemic having hindered the festival two summers in a row now, and some of the lifting of the restrictions, to our surprise and enthusiasm, OSHEAGA is back for a Fall edition.  The highly anticipated music festival will be happening in Parc Jean Drapeau between Friday, October 1st to Sunday, October 3rd.

Who doesn’t love a good Fall day? Put on a light jacket and enjoy some beautiful live music outside with your friends.  It won’t be exactly the exactly but in many ways, having fewer people around and cooler weather, we think this could be one of their best editions yet!

One of the things I love about Osheaga is that you don’t need to go for a specific band or artist but simply enjoy the ambiance and DISCOVER new acts! That being said, here are a few highlights we look forward to seeing.

Some Highlights…


Indy, Rock, and francophone vibes – this Quebec native artist has just what we are looking for. Playing on Sunday, October 3rd at 8 PM, we will be sure not to miss this act on the Montagne Coor Light stage. For more info, click here.

Charlotte Cardin

With her new album that came out this year, Charlotte has been creating quite a stir! Montreal-based, this pop artist is playing on Friday, October at 9:30 PM.  What better way to end your week than to be serenaded by this talented singer-songwriter? Click here for more detail.

Majid Jordan

This R&B duo has some undeniable catchy tunes we can’t wait to bop our heads to!  This is definitely a group we are very excited to see live! Playing Saturday night at 9 PM, they will surely remind put a smile on your face. Find out more here.


On Friday, October 1st, this rising artist will be playing at 7 PM some of her biggest hits.  She has received some praise from some big names like Billboard and Vice, she is a singer you don’t want to miss.  Being a native European but having lived in various places, her music has a range of influences and yet we can hear her strong sense of self. Find out more here.

For all the information on the Osheaga festival, and get tickets you can click here!

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