The Art Toronto Fair Returned to a In-Person Event and Did Not Disappoint!

The Art Toronto fair was back this year and did not disappoint. After a year off from a physical event (due to the pandemic), they came back with an interesting online program as well as the anticipated in-person main event.  Overall, it was wonderful to see and feel how most galleries were back and seeing the public embracing it!

I must say I did notice that the energy was different, perhaps a little less energetic and more cautious. Of course, they were no longer serving alcohol throughout the fair like they usually did so this could be one of the many factors influencing the mood.  However, it did not stop people from buying art as most galleries seems very busy concluding sales.  For the art industry and everyone involved, this is wonderful news!


Art Toronto, being the largest art fair in the country, had over 60 art galleries this year, most of them from Canada and a couple from the USA and UK.  From the Canadian galleries, the majority were from outside Toronto most of which are members of the AGAC which is a sure way to identify quality galleries.


Some of our highlights include TrépanierBaer Gallery from Calgary which exhibited artwork from one of their represented artists, Vicky Alexander.  She had a series of large photographic images in a collage format representing and/or inspired by Versailles (France).

Les jardins de Le Nôtre à Versaille 8 par Vicky Alexander

 Another recurring favourite of ours is Galerie 3 from Quebec City, in this case, we particularly enjoyed the artwork from Paryse Martin. Finally, we had a great time discovering gallery Ellephant from Montreal, including one of their artists, Sabrina Ratte, who also had a a special exhibit of her digital art in the fair.

Online Programming

On the online part of the fair, many interesting topics such as NFTs, Art Therapy and social media (and Art) were covered in recorded online conversations with a panel of experts from across the country. The platform used was called Artland and the best part is that they kept the videos available a week after the event was over giving us a chance to view them from the comfort of our homes and offices.

For all the details on Art Toronto and upcoming events, you can visit their website here. After seeing this year’s event, we cannot wait to see next year’s event! 

We are glad to see the art world back in full force and look forward to the next big Canadian art fair happening November 26 to November 28 in Montréal Québec, all the details on Papier are here.

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