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7 ART Things to Do in Montreal | Art & the City June 2021

June is here! And with it the hopes of sunshine and a return to semi-vibrancy for the best summer city

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Cadavre Exquis | Phi Center VR Heaven

As virtual reality (VR) is on everyone’s lips these days, many contemporary artists are attracted to this new medium as

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Osez aller voir ailleurs…aux centres d’artistes!

Osez allez voir ailleurs pour découvrir des artistes locaux.  Si on m’avait demandé il y a dix ans où je

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MUTEK | Créativité digital | Dans les Oreilles et la Peau

MUTEK c’est 19 années de mise en valeur de l’art sonore et visuel. C’est un festival international de créativité numérique

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Startupfest 2018 Preview : Explore Infinite Possibilities

Ah summer in Montreal! Visitors from around the world rush to our shores and the streets come to life with

Irene Smirnova | Hollywood Texture Artist | Innovating Digital Visual Art

When you see a movie like Xmen – you will quickly notice that there are a whole lot of “special effects” involved.