Poésie Partout 2 021 Promo Poster - Rencontres multilingues en poésie
Cultural Lifestyle

Rencontres multilingues en poésie | Eight Days of Celebrating Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

This past week, Amanda Gorman took the stage at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, reminding us of the power of spoken word

Cultural Lifestyle

3 Montreal Online Holiday Markets Not to Miss in 2020

This year has been one of reflection for many of us and I feel like the movement to buy local

Creative Encounters

Sophie Chen | French Canadian Singer Making Music From Montreal to Taipei

Having followed her career throughout the years, I was thrilled when I heard a Sophie Chen song on Spotify’s “Café

Cultural Lifestyle

Christian Dior | Romance & Couture at McCord Museum

More than a pretty dress maker, the Dior name is a staple of elegance, innovation and artistry that I, like

Lido Pimienta by Dani Murillo POP Montreal
Cultural Lifestyle

POP Montreal Music Festival | Exciting 2020 Hybrid Edition

Is it just me, or did you also feel a little cheated this summer? Usually, there is no better place

Creative Encounters

Léonie Gray | Treat Your Ears to Sweet Honey Sounds

Discovering Léonie Gray and her soulful voice in an unlikely place is a memory I cherish and am grateful for.