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Romeos Gin is an innovative brand founded in Montreal which has a focused image on urban arts. Being an art goer I noticed it being recently served at the art fair Papier and BAAM’s rally of galleries. A little lavender branch in your gin tonic with Stikki Peaches’ Mozart painting staring at you – it’s hard to forget. Truth is – it’s delicious.  Stikki is their current featured artist who I love since his early days of creating street art all over Old Montreal. As I learned more – I realized that RG and I had common interests.

RG has a visionary approach to showcasing and supporting visual urban art/artists, engaging the corporate world all while offering a great product. In addition to being present in numerous art events, they created a series of weekly events called Romeo’s View. Each week, they showcase a visual urban local artist that is chosen by a featured entrepreneur. The businessperson will usually choose a coup de coeur artist who can physically be present for the evening. Smart move. Now everyone involved feels special and wants to talk about it.
 As Stephane Rochefort told me, the brand developer, his goal is to make the artist happy for that evening. They create a unique cocktail (with RG of course) for each artist and serve it at the chosen venue, Pandore. After assisting a few of these events – I can assure you that everyone featured feels like a rockstar for the night aka a real ego boost. The artists and the entrepreneurs are both surrounded by people intrigued and excited to talk to them. As you can imagine – it creates the desired buzz the company wants to achieve. They also support the arts financially with their foundation.
I have to say that the art is also well presented. Joelle Gargour from Young Mind New Art created a cube that makes it easy to install the ephemeral art pieces. Something that’s easy to miss but crucial to their success. In the list of artists so far I noted some great up and coming artists such as Zilon Lazer, Roxy Peroxyde (pic below) and Sandra Chevrier.
I am excited to see brands like Romeo’s Gin engaging the art scene with new crowds of people. Collaborations are crucial to all parties involved and this is a great example of creative social innovation. By keeping everyone happy there concept is unique and with a continued attention to detail – they will surely continue to expand successfully. For the upcoming listings, you need to stay tuned on their Facebook page here.
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