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Red bull gives you wiiings. Not only does it give us that boost, this company has been pushing limits in sports, music and everything in between for over 15 years. They thrive on being innovative, creative and giving the opportunity to artists/athletes to do extraordinary things. Do you remember Felix Baumgartner jumping from space? That’s just an example of the brand’s visionary character.  More than marketing, RB has created platforms like the Red Bull Music Academy that helps supports the evolution of music as we know it worldwide.

The show.  Lucky enough – Montreal is hosting the international festival from September 24 to October 28.  On Wednesday night, I watched Montreal-based electronic Grammy nominated producer CFCF and pianist Jean-Michel Blais collaborating on songs in celebration of minimalism (in their own words).  At Place des arts’ Cinquième salle, the room was packed.  People were focused on the intimate and emotional session between the two artists.  Completely different skill sets but co-creating beautifully. Playing the piano engages the instrumentalist Blais in a full body motion in contrast to CFCF who carefully listens to his partner in order to synchronize his own musical reach.  A visually appealing lighting backdrop helped to create the right mood.  It was peaceful and magnificent. The uniqueness of this duo is evident to the ear and I am thrilled that Red Bull is presenting this type of concert in such high quality.  The contrast and similarities of their workflow were hypothesizing to watch.  To get an idea of what I am talking about – the music is available here.

Music Diversity.  During the night – both Jean-Michel and CFCF spoke to us in their respective first language, French for J-M and English for CFCF.  A reminder of how Montreal’s diversity comes together and creates admirable projects- as it should. They noted how close they lived (less than 100 meters) to each other and how it took a mutual friend to introduce them. Kudos to this friend who thought to solicit his very different artistic comrades. It reminds me of how much potential there is in proximity of each of us when given the right opportunity.  Sometimes we just need someone to point it out and react to it. All and all – breaking boundaries in creative ways and pushing limits in a distinctive format is what Red Bull is showcasing. When you assist an RBMA event – keep an open mind and embrace it.

Check out the rest of the Academy’s planned events in Montreal here (ends October 28).

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