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Day or night – winter or summer, Spa Bota Bota offers a unique urban spa experience that is cozy and chic. Tucked away in Montreal’s Old Port, you can combine your thermal spa experience with a romantic night out or brunch with friends anytime during the year. The required silence is a beautiful addition to our otherwise stimulating lifestyle. This spa makes you feel pampered, relaxed and wows you from the moment you walk in.


The resort, located on the water, is a lovely adventure no matter who you experience it with.  Going up and down the swirly staircase, there is a variety of beautiful views depending on where you are on the boat (5 floors in all).  The top floor encloses an exquisite architectural designed sauna (see featured pic) that showcases the city’s skyline.  The windows in the restaurant on the lower floor make you feel like you are about to drift away on the water.  From a warm duck salad to quail, the food is satisfying to the palette and a great combination to the relaxing sensations our bodies felt from the water circuit event.

You might think that an outdoor spa day is not ideal for winter but in fact, it only makes the journey a little more unique.  Even the more modern garden area (see pic below), located a “bridge” away from the ship is open all year round.  Walking around in your bathrobe on heated tiles outside – you have the choice of lingering by the fire pits, enjoying the large hot tub or cocooning in a hammock while people watching the other spa goers from the comfort of your heated space.  The steam rooms were another one of our favorites – with the strong menthol smell – the room feels like it has healing power. No matter where you are in the spa,  you’re going to be mesmerized and feel liberated.

The Gardens

Looking for something more than a tranquilizing moment?  Bota Bota is a completely serviced spa that includes a variety of massages, facials, and other aesthetic needs.  It also has special events that include yoga and cocktail evenings depending on the time of year.  If you are lucky, you can even catch the old Montreal’s fireworks programmed throughout the year.  All and all, Spa Bota Bota is an appealing activity to your cultural lifestyle that we invite you to experience sooner than later!

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