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Imagine Van Gogh | Daydreaming at Arsenal Contemporary

One of the things I love about art is that it’s in constant evolution. As such, the work of previous

Cultural Lifestyle

Cadavre Exquis | Phi Center VR Heaven

As virtual reality (VR) is on everyone’s lips these days, many contemporary artists are attracted to this new medium as

Cultural Lifestyle

Le collectif artistique 8 fait vibrer le Québec!

L’art à Québec Pour le collectif 8, l’idée est simple: faire vibrer l’art à Québec. Il y a chez ces

Cultural Lifestyle

Illumination FRANKENSTEIN | Immersive Satosphere Experience at the SAT

Halloween is on everyone’s mind this week but I wanted to experience the mysterious mood of this time of year

Cultural Lifestyle

Festival Mode & Design | The Finest of Montreal’s Fashion Industry

Montreal is known for its fashionable people and creative minds and the festival of Mode & Design proves it. Gathering

Julien Castanié | Illustrateur & Capitaine de Skinjackin

We met with French native illustrator now residing in Montreal for nine years now.  He is a talented and successful