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You are venturing too far into the woods on a camping trip and suddenly – two of your friends in the group are kidnapped mysteriously! Quick, you need to find and free them from the evil spirits that took them…You find your friends chained up to the walls in a creepy looking cabin. Now, it is time to use all your wits as a team to get out of this mysterious house full of mental challenges.

This is how you start the scenario Cabin in the Woods at Find the Key in Montreal. What an adrenaline rush it is to be timed and watched to solve the many enigmas to succeed the game. Objects might fall, traps might open into secret rooms, strange noises you may hear, clues might be blinking at you – it is a scary but rewarding adventure. We were impressed with the design of the cabin that also had some high-tech elements like virtual reality. Teamwork and creativity were the key elements to solving the puzzles successfully.

Find the Key is a game developed entirely in Montreal from an owner who fell in love with a similar concept on a trip outside the province. Currently, there are five scenarios to choose from that all have different difficulty levels and types of challenges. Each scenario is configured as a 45 minutes game where you can ask for three hints during the time period.  There is an actor who introduces you to the story, making the game more immerse.  You also have to choose one of three “serums” at the beginning, one of which, can add up to 10 minutes to your game time.   The company suggests you play with 2-8 people depending on the scenario and we understand why. It takes a lot of minds to solve the game. It forces you to discuss with each other and brings you closer together. If you don’t succeed, their staff will let you know what you missed. No reason to feel sorry for missing solutions because the vast majority of groups don’t! However, it is somewhat of a relief to get feedback at the end as it helps you understand the type of thinking you should implement next time.

Win or lose, they take a group picture of your team at the end that they post on Facebook which is a nice touch. All six of us who tried for the first time would go back. Each of the five scenarios available has its own unique twist that is intriguing. We also hope to get better each time..!

Find the Key opened over two years ago and is growing in popularity. Each scenario can take up to 3 months to create from beginning to end which is why, for 25$ a person, you will get a memorable experience that will completely disconnect you from your everyday life.

They are located on 1000 rue Amherst and are open from Wednesday to Sunday.  You can find all the relevant information on their website here.

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