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The Theatre du Nouveau Monde (TNM) is one of the finest French theater institutions in Montreal.  Located right by the oldest Canadian performances Center, Place des Arts, it’s important artistic direction since its foundation in 1951,  has made it a go-to for local play enthusiasts. The range of comedies and dramas they perform have been successful since the beginning, but it does not mean they do not wish to expand their reach to new audiences.  Au contraire, like most cultural organizations today,  they struggle with the culturally evolving and aging population.  To help renew themselves with a younger public, Alexandre Foret, a lawyer at Gowlings WLG helped create the program, Jeunes Premiers in 2014.  Since then, their committee has grown, but Alex remains Co-President.

The target market of the group is young professionals (25-40 years old) that enjoy the Theatre.  The goal is to strengthen their engagement towards the TNM.  They have many events during the year to do so such as Epilogues and Cote Coeur.   Coté Coeur is an annual fundraiser that happens around Valentines Day to raise funds for the cause.  The recurring activities, Épilogue, occur on the last Tuesday of each play,  where the Jeunes Premiers are hosted by the theater after the show with wine and truffles.  Approximately 70 people attend and network with each other and the actors of the performance. The events have proven to be a growing success year after year, and we can understand why.  Younger generations are looking for a more engaging approach in their cultural activities, and Épilogue gives them that opportunity.  The committee is currently planning to create a membership program for the upcoming season.  All and all, it has been a successful venture!

In the end, the Jeunes Premiers helps create committed philanthropies and lasting relationships between all parties including the comedians, theater enthusiasts, and the TNM.  The next event is happening on April 4th and for the play Caligula. You can find the details about the play here.   To be noted that all plays are in French and to obtain tickets, you need to contact them directly on their Facebook page here.  The ticket price is the same as a floor ticket for the show.

For more information on the Jeunes Premiers, you can visit their web page here and the TNM website here.

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