Sizzling Burlesque Show by Scarlett James

Hot Hot Hot! The sexy and glamorous woman dressed in stunning costumes parading on stage as they tease the public. Welcome to burlesque dancing!  These women entertain the public with their feminine attributes and lively personalities.  You don’t need to be a man to enjoy this type of show.  Who doesn’t once dream of going to the flamboyant Moulin Rouge cabaret?  Well Montreal, if you did not know yet, Scarlett James, a burlesque dancer herself, produces her own take on the popular style that can include humor, dancing, romance, and singing!

The mysterious, sexy ladies, the intrigued crowd – burlesque has a way of bringing out a je ne sais quoi in people.   Since the early 1900s, the burlesque manner has grown and evolved all around the world, and luckily, our city has a great version of it!

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James’s last production, Montreal Scandal! happened at Club Soda on Saturday, April 8th.  Each of the performers had their own unique style, there was even a pole dancer and hula-hooper.  Artists were from all over North America, and each had their take on entertaining the crowd.  The seductive attitude was at the core of every performance.  Their individual personalities came out, and we got a sense of knowing them by their act.  By the end of the night, you definitely had a “favorite” performer.

The captivating spectacle lasted two and a half hours and definitely worth the general ticket price of approx. $50.  You can also pay more and get VIP service with champagne. To add to the fun, the host, was a one of a kind entertainer extraordinaire.  He didn’t miss a beat – speaking in French or in English – he kept us laughing throughout the evening.

You’re next chance to see a Scarlett James production in Montreal will be during the burlesque festival she hosts happening on the 19th, 20th and 21st of October.   For all information, you can visit the website here.  Get dolled up and be ready for an extraordinary show.  Don’t miss it!

All photos by Frank Lam

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Scarlett James


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