Katee Julien | Moving Édith Piaf Tribute

Some real music legends have graced Montreal stages for decades. Certainly, one of my all-time favorites is the incomparable Édith Piaf (she performed here in 1955!).  As luck may have it,  a tribute to the late French chanteuse by one of Quebec’s biggest voices is happening next week. Katee Julien chante Édith Piaf is taking place for one night only on Friday, Nov. 23rd at 8 p.m. at the Cinquième Salle of the Place des Arts.

About the Show

Firstly, Ms. Julien will be performing twenty of La Môme‘s greatest hits accompanied by three musicians. To clarify, La Môme was Édith’s nickname since the beginning of her career. Essentially, it means “The Little Sparrow” and was given to her for her initial stage nervousness and small size (apparently she was 4 ft 8!). Moreover, the Cinquième Salle will offer guests an intimate decor reminiscent of the cabaret salons of yesteryear.

Furthermore, between musical performances, we will learn about Édith Piaf more in-depth. That is to say, Katee will be sharing stories and anecdotes about Édith’s life along with photos and videos shared on the big screen. Above all, this will be great for the fans of her music, like me, who are not as familiar with her biography and would love to know more.

Katee Julien Performs

Secondly, we will get to know the performer herself, Katee Julien. The singer has an international 30-year career under her belt, four studio albums, and multiple accolades. In addition, her work includes musical productions you have definitely heard of: Les Misérables, Romeo and Juliette, Mary Poppins and the list goes on. Ms. Julien’s voice seems to resemble that of Édith Piaf and evokes the same essence and vulnerability but with its own distinct touch.  Consequently, she honors Ms. Piaf with her own flair.

Music to the Ears

Further, in preparation for this show, I have been playing Édith Piaf on a loop on Spotify. And maybe dancing in the street in front of strangers a little bit. So to share in this joy you can have a listen below!

Time Travel to a French Cabaret

In short, it is needless to say that we are looking forward to the Kathee Julien chante Édith Piaf show. First of all, to learn about Ms. Piaf’s life and her raison d’être. Second of all, to experience the vocal powerhouse that is Ms. Julien. And finally, to imagine being in a French cabaret in the 1950s listening to one of the most celebrated voices of the last century. Hence, to those who feel compelled to experience all this as well, you can always join by clicking here to buy your tickets!

At  Jano Lapin, we like to “travel in time”! For instance, you can read our article about our “travels” to the 1940s Montreal burlesque scene.

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