Million Dollar Quartet | Rock n Roll Legends in a Musical Play

A fascinating and entertaining “blast from the past”!   Million Dollar Quartet is a superb show you should not miss.  Playing now at the Segal Centre until May 14th and then at Place des Arts from May 17th to 24th – this musical brings Rock n Roll back to life at its prime time.  This play almost felt like a live concert considering the actors were also all fantastic musicians. The story is based on a date in time, December 4th, 1956, where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis & Carl Perkins were last known to be together.  In fact, they were all at Sam Phillips’ studio (Sun Record) by chance!  Sam himself is known to be the “Father of Rock n’ Roll.”

You can say that the “magic” happened that day and an impromptu jam session took place that is now remembered in this wonderfully written play focused on 1950s music.  A spontaneous fortune that is now known as a date in rock n roll history.  What a great idea for a musical!

By the end of the play, the audience was up on their feet and dancing to the performing actors.  The tremendous talent that these actors have is mesmerizing.   It is another reminder of the great artists we have in Montreal.  It must not be easy to fill the shoes of four musical superstars, but the cast did it seamlessly.  The only woman actor, Sara Diamond was a nice touch.  She sang along with the “boys” and silenced the audience every time.  Her voice and charming personality were just beautiful.

8774_Sara Diamond, Sky Seals-Million Dollar Quartet_2017 (photo by Andree Lanthier)

8856_Graham, Murphy, Stewart, Seals, Krissa-Million Dollar Quartet_2017 (photo by Andree Lanthier)

You will hear the songs Blue Suede Shoes, Walk the Line, Great Balls of Fire, Hound Dog and much more!  This Tony Award-winning play by Floyd Mutrux will be sure to impress you and bring back your appreciation for Rock n Roll legends.  Perhaps a Mothers’ Day present for you and your Mom? I guarantee you will love it!

For tickets, you can visit the Segal Centre website here or the Place des Arts website here.

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