Strom Spa’s Cozy Thursdays | Relaxation, Wine and Food !

What’s better than a day at the spa? A day at the spa with activity around food and wine of course! Actually, throw in a DJ that plays lounge music, remove the complete silence rule, and you have yourself a fabulous evening.   Indeed, every month, Strom Spa has created ¨Cozy Thurdays¨ during the first Thursday of the month, and we love it!

This time, in May,  we discovered a little of Africa (every month there is a theme!). We drank two wines from South Africa and one from Algeria.   What a delightful discovery it was!  We thoroughly enjoyed the wine tastings that were paired with three accompanying tidbits.  In addition to this, we learned about the wine regions themselves from a lovely host who enthusiastically engaged with the public.  Our small bites included fried fish, samosas, and chicken wings. The delicious seasoning with an “African twist” completed the somewhat exotic experience.  That was incredible.  African wines are no longer strangers to us!

Starting our soirée with this hour-long event was a perfect catalyst for the rest of the night.  Our gastronomic happening was followed by exploring the different hot tubs, saunas, and relaxing areas of nuns island’s Strom Spa.  The presence of the DJ was a nice touch, it made the atmosphere lively and urban.   Our favorite area was the outdoor fireplace which was indeed, really cozy!  It was also nice to be able to walk on a dock that led to an isolated area by the lake that had chairs you can relax in.  We had a great time relaxing, chatting and people watching.

We eventually felt famished, but luckily their bistro was able to serve us some yummy soup, tangy dessert, and fresh pulled pork sandwiches.  The food was tasty and had a fresh homemade feel.  It was also nice to have a view of the outdoor surroundings while we dined.  Overall, the eve had a vibrant vibe in a calming setting – it was a splendid time. We skipped on the spa treatments this time, but all Strom Spas are fully-serviced with beauty and body treatments.  There would be no problem to add one!   We noticed there was a diverse crowd of people of all ages.  Small groups, couples and even in solo.  It confirms that anyone can enjoy it!

Strom Spa is more than a beautiful spa, it’s a place that creates unique and fun events such as Cozy Thursdays.  Keep an eye on out on their calendar of events to know what’s coming next and embrace their original approach to spa going. They have three locations to choose from. Visit their website here for all the details.

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