Le Richmond’s Chic & Glamourous F1 Red Carpet Party

There is no surprise that Montreal F1 weekend is a synonym to expensive cars, extravagant lifestyle and a sexy dress code. Of course, there are different levels of this, and it has become difficult to know where to go to have the best experiences during the flashy weekend. It’s become tough to decide where you want to invest your time and money to have great entertainment, the right crowd and overall glamorous good time. We understand it can be overwhelming, but we feel that the festivities should be embraced to the fullest! Our event pick for this year’s F1 weekend was the Red Carpet Party at Le Richmond. Sponsored by Piper-Heidsieck champagne, they promised a Hollywoodesque evening, and they delivered!


Any party that starts with a champagne opening cocktail is sending off the right message. It is a charming, sophisticated way to impress the guests and set the right tone for the rest of the night. Live music was playing, and various costumed characters were also present to make you feel like you entered a mysterious place of new exciting discoveries. Having a red carpet throughout the restaurant, the setting made you feel like a celebrity while media was taking pictures of you when you walked in. Unlike any fundraiser or corporate event, you knew this was a chic and extravagant F1 event. Not only were a dozen exotic cars parked out front, the bold energy in the room and the eye opening outfits people were wearing were just a few signs that fueled the excitement of being there.

Performances were delightful throughout the evening which included an opera singer who took our breath away singing some recognizable tunes. Above our heads were talented acrobatic dancers dressed in burlesque intertwining their bodies on the massive chandeliers. From their sparkly costumes, blue lips, smiling faces and synchronized way of performing, it was a lovely and continuous form of entertainment during the night.  Of course, small bites and other drinks were served throughout the experience. Overall, we felt like there was an abundance of decadent enjoyments to relish!

Wh do you go out the F1 weekend in Montreal? To experience moments like this that only happen during this time of year. Restaurant Le Richmond has perfected their trendy F1 formula which is quickly becoming a classic within the established party scene of Montreal.

For more information on this restaurant, while you wait for future F1 events, you can visit their website here and their Facebook page here.  All photos provided by Le Richmond.

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