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To be, or not to be: that is the question. – W. Shakespeare.  Love him or hate him; you can’t deny his influence in our society today.  One of our top free summer activities is Montreal’s very own Shakespeare in the Park.  The theater company responsible for the tour, Repercussion Theater, has been around for over 25 years and for many– it is an annual outing in their local park.  

This year, we have the pleasure of viewing Much Ado About Nothing!  A great classical piece presented in an outdoor and relaxed setting i.e. your local park.  In case you are wondering what this might look like; yes there is a real stage, there are beautiful costumes and set, authentic Shakespeare dialogue and professional actors!  It is as professional as it gets and you will not be disappointed in the quality of the show.  Artistic Director Amanda Kellock is in her third year now with the company, and her shows just keep getting better.


You don’t need to be familiar with Shakespear play to benefit from a lovely evening, and nobody will judge you on your lack of knowledge of the Bard… but nevertheless there is always a synopsis online that can help. 

What you really need here is easy –  good company (that can consist of simply yourself), delicious food and drinks (think picnic or takeout), a blanket or some outdoor chairs… hope for some good weather and you are all set!   Now you are ready to take pleasure in a casual night out enjoying the weather watching some Shakespeare in a park near you. 

It is so rare today to have access to this kind of quality cultural event without any charge (I do encourage a donation though!) that it should be on everyone’s summer schedule.  It’s simple, fun and relaxing and you will enjoy the ambiance, the weather and be entertained.  Summer is short so take advantage!  

For the complete listing of 2017 shows that start July 13th until August 15th, visit their schedule on their website here.  

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