Sophia Paleotheodoros | Powerful Vibrant Montreal Abstract Artist

Sophia Paleotheodoros’s art is eye grabbing, bold, powerful and vibrant. Its hard to keep your eyes off it as it can take your imagination for a ride.  Sophia’s style is defined by her stunning and unique artwork that adds dimension to any environment or space.  Her abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color, and line to create a composition. The artistic creativity burst forth in every piece adorned with the Sophia Paleotheodoros signature.

About Sophia

Born in Montréal of Greek heritage, Sophia kindled a sense of independence in her early years, By the age of 17, she had already developed keen artistic interests, pursuing studies in Photography, Fine Arts, Creative Arts and Paintings on Canvas. To further enhance her already acute senses, she took a sojourn to Greece in 1992, where for 3 years Paleotheodoros lives inspired by the Greek Isles. Only a short time after her return to Montréal, while never losing sight of her first love, she inaugurated a successful “faux fini” company, Sophia Décor.  This company specialized in textured wall finishes, wall applications, and murals.  This undertaking would span a 14-year period before she would fully return to paintings on canvas.


How did you develop as an abstract artist vs. another form of art or style of painting? 

The magic of abstract art is that it takes everyone to a different place, but shapes and colors in the abstract can also let the viewer experience certain emotions. As an abstract artist, I work with shapes, texture, movements, and color to express our own emotions for each painting we create. Pure Expressionism. I also get very inspired by my clients. They all have unique ideas of what they would like to see and often when I deliver a commissioned piece, just the look on their face filled with joy is enough inspiration for me.

The magic of abstract art is that it takes everyone to a different place, can you tell us a little bit more about what is your inspiration and your vision when painting? 

Versatility is an incredibly important asset as an artist. My style as an abstract artist has taken years to develop. I think it’s developed when I inaugurated a successful “faux fini” company, Sophia Décor, which specialized in textured wall finishes, wall applications and murals. My inspiration lies in such artists as Pierre-Paul Rubins for his dark, deep colors and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s wild burlesque offerings.


How have you seen the art scene of Montreal evolve over the years as an artist and where do you hope to see it go in the future?

It is difficult to predict how any art scene can evolve in any city. The Montreal art scene is still small in comparison to major cities as New York, Miami. On the other hand, Montreal is a canvas for its own art scene and the “most culturally” active city in Canada. Montreal highlights its arts and culture scene as a key feature; the city is known for its many art galleries, and public art installations appear in the streets throughout downtown and residential areas.  This city art culture has given Montréal an international reputation

Is there a project or an art piece that you are most proud of that you would like to share the story with us?

I would say this is the one I’m most proud of. There are layers of colors that I was just not satisfied, till I worked on it the following day and the composition was just flowing till a horse appeared to me, so then I enhanced it to be more apparent. I loved this piece. I can say it was one of my favorites. I had it hanging on my wall till a client of mine that purchased several paintings came over for a glass of wine and wanted the painting on the wall. I told him it wasn’t for sale, but then convinced by him and my husband that I can just make another one! I was sad to see it go!

Pegasus 40- X 60-

Where to find Sophia’s Art

Sophia, established since 1995 and a Professional member of the Conseil des Métiers D’Art du Québec (PALS025), she is represented in the following Art Galleries: Koyman Galleries (1771 St Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON) & Klimantiris Gallery (742 Decarie Blvd, Saint-Laurent, QC). Her canvases and artwork currently grace the walls of some of Montréal’s finest homes and businesses.   Finally, you can find her website here, her Facebook page here and her Instagram here.

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PLAYFUL 30″ X 30″
Safari 24” x 48”
Pink Melody 40' x 60"
Pink Melody 40″ x 60″


Camouflage 30" x 60"
Camouflage 30″ x 60″
DAYDREAMER 48″ x 48″

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