Balnea Spa | Été des Chefs & Marvelous Getaway in Bromont, QC

Balnea Spa will saturate you with an intense feeling of well-being and make you grateful that it is only an hour away from Montreal.  When you first step out of the changing rooms – it is almost intimidating to see just how big and beautiful the spa is. Where do you start when everything looks so aesthetically mesmerizing and peaceful?

Immediately we are drawn to look out to the lake where you can see inviting inflatable floating objects (think water bed).  My curiosity had me, and we had to try them right away! Driving through long roads in the eastern townships to get here, we are suddenly (finally) surrounded by water, dense forestry and a sense of peace drifting on water at this enchanting place.

At this point, we have no choice but to relax and enjoy the incredible scenery.  From that moment on, I knew why Balnea Spa is renowned for being one of the best spas in the proximity of Montreal.

Design.  From cocooning in slickly designed structures, bathing in hot tubs, cooling down in cool water, enjoying the steam rooms and saunas,…Balnea is so big we didn’t even get a chance to visit all the installations.  Indoor and outdoor, the spa has a huge selection of harmonious and aesthetic places to relax and unwind.  Being in nature and away from city sounds, it actually felt like a gift being there for the day.

Summer Food Festival.  Nothing beats having great food when you are already in pure bliss. Time to sit down at the outdoor bistro and enjoy Simon Mathys’s (Restaurant Manitoba in Montreal) specially chosen lunch menu. The meal (28$ with wine pairing or 22$ without) was a festive feast!  Nordic shrimp, BBQ cucumber, and one particularly tasty sauce were at the center of our dish. The singularity of the dish complimented the exceptional thermal experience.  In its 8th edition, the foodie event Été des chefs present ten chefs in ten weeks (one per week).  Each accomplished chef creates his/her own version of an inspired Balnea plate.  It is also a rare occasion to directly speak to a chef of that caliber about his gastronomic conception.

Balnea’s Été des Chefs 8th edition.  Every Sunday from July 2nd until September 3rd, the invited Chefs will offer their guests, their Balnea flavor, a colorful dish, healthy and refined. In order of appearance: Suzy Rainville(Baumann Smokehouse), Simon Mathys (Manitoba), James Baran & Xavier Rousseau (Kampai Garden), Hakim Chajar (Miel), Martin Juneau (Pastaga), Stéphanie Audet (LOV), Jean-Paul Aubry (Taverne F par Ferreira), Kimberly Lallouz (Le Restaurant du MAC & Monsieur), Mandy Wolfe (Mandy’s) and Ross Louangsignotha (Hà). Their creations will also appear on the menu of each participating Chef’s restaurant until September 3rd.

In fact, this is a competition with a selected jury. For the first time, each member of the panel will be matched with their two favorite Chefs. Their mission will be to encourage them throughout the friendly competition. The jury member who will have mentored the winning Chef will be given $10,000 to be handed over to a foundation of their choice.  We love how philanthropy is included in the contest!

All in all, Balnea Spa is a real getaway for the soul. Even road-tripping from Montreal was part of the pleasant experience.  A little croissant & coffee and a stop on the road in an unknown area can help you get your mind off your daily life. Make it a day trip and enjoy every minute!

Find out all the details of the summer event Été des Chefs at Spa Balnea here.

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