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Sandy Cavallo’s art has a sexy modern look, perfect for a contemporary home decor.  No surprise that we discovered this digital artist during the re-opening of an edgy boutique hotel in downtown Montreal.  As part of the wall decor of the attractive rooms, she was exposing her artwork and chatting with guests about it.  In tune with her public, she gave off pleasant and positive high-energy.  Her unique style of celebrity portraitures was mesmerizing.  She showcased a variety of pieces that have pop culture appeal and vibrant colors.   It gave off the feeling that having one on your wall would make you part of the “cool club.”

After meeting her, we discovered her love of coffee, passion for her community-based project Radix Mtl created for local artist and much more!

Below, an interview explaining who Sandy is and how she became the digital artist she is today.



How do you describe what you do (technically) as a digital artist to someone who knows nothing about it?

The easiest way for me to explain what I do is to compare my tablet to a canvas and my digital pen to a paintbrush. I basically “paint” on the computer. I can then choose the colors, create different backgrounds…but best of all, my art can be printed and mounted in many different sizes.

Is there a particular moment in time that made you “switch” between graphic design and fine artist? If so, would you like to tell us about it?

After my last show Radix Mtl (which is an art group show and fundraiser I’ve curated for the past 2 years), I decided that art was my true calling. The connections I’ve made through art, the self-fulfillment and the happiness it brings to people and myself is what forced me to decide to take the plunge. What I love most about what I do is not only creating art for people but to educate them and make them discover art. Whether it’s through my own art or other artist’s work.

How has your digital art evolved since you became a full-time artist/what are you the proudest of?

My approach is definitely what’s evolved most. I’ve been doing a lot more custom art. People come to me to get a personalized piece of art. When I meet my clients, we sit down, usually at a cozy café, and I let them talk. I listen to their story. They talk about what they love, what they enjoy. Often touching on subjects from the past. That’s when the client and I connect, and the creative process starts.  Delivering and seeing the joy on the client’s faces is most definitely what makes me the proudest.  To know that every day, they will look at that piece and it will make them relive feelings of happiness and good memories is priceless. No better feeling.

What/who are your biggest inspirations as an artist?

People. Feelings. Moments. Memories. I am a very nostalgic person, and my art is all about feelings and feeling good. Preserving what we often lose as people….who we are, where we come from, what we once loved and what we miss the most. Trying to relive and bring back feelings and memories of who we once were.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Hopefully still creating art but most of all being able to share it with the world. Having a piece of me in as many places as possible (did someone say NEW YORK? lol) and maybe even owning a gallery here in our beautiful city.

We love Montreal here at Jano Lapin! How would you describe the evolution of Montreal art scene right now and where do you fit in?

I think that Montreal has an immense pool of uber talented artists and that art is taking a bigger role in people’s lives in general. With all the different festivals and shows, I think Montreal is doing a great job at promoting the arts, and hopefully, it can help me and other aspiring artists to get discovered.

Find out more about Sandy on her website here and follow her on Instagram @artecavallo

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Photo credit for all pictures: Helpy Media

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