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The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) is arguably the most impressive artistic institution in Canada.  We are fortunate to have this establishment at proximity! In the past few years, they have focused on increasing the youth’s (21-45 years old) commitment to the arts by hosting their now well-known and continuously soldout Unplugged events.   At the end of every significant exhibition, a festive themed cocktail is created to celebrate and underline the exhibit’s traits.

MMFA Western Il était une fois painting Montreal

The events are created by the executive committee of the MMFA’s Young Philanthropists’ Circle. This Circle is a membership group of who are interested in art and socialize during organized cultural events together at the MMFA.   It is also an opportunity to learn about art and become an active philanthropist for the Arts.

The next Unplugged event (and first one of 2018!) is happening on Thursday, January 25th at 6:30pm for the Western exhibit Il était une fois.   An epic themed celebration, full of the wild spirit of the boundless Far-West.  Equipped with a lasso and leather boots, unleash your inner Cowboy and hop on your mechanical horse.

  • Flamboyant Artistic Programme
  • Open Bar
  • Gourmet Stations
  • Access to the exhibit that is ending soon.

MMFA Western Il était une fois painting Montreal

How can you attend?

Option 1 – Become a member!

At the price of $265 – become a member and gain access to all the Unplugged events (three or four a year), all the Arts Series events (similar to Unplugged events but exclusively for members), invitations to special vernissages, free access to the museum at all times (with a plus one).  Use promo code CJP_JANODY for an extra three months free!

Click here to buy your membership or for more information.

Option 2 – Buy your ticket

You can buy your ticket here for $60 and receive a partial donation receipt.

MMFA Western Il était une fois painting Montreal

Finally, for more information, you can visit the Facebook event page here.  The event will sell out fast so don’t wait!

We hope to see you there! Be sure to use hashtags #highonart #cjp #ypc #mbam for all your pictures of the event on social media.

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