Le Balcon Music Hall | Fantastic Performance by Marie-Christine Depestre

Looking for a lovely place to unwind and enjoy live tunes without being crammed into an amphitheater?  Le Balcon Cabaret Music Hall offers a range of musical evenings fit for the refined modern crowd.  Nestled in the heart of downtown Montreal next to le Quartier des Spectacles, it is a central location with friendly and cordial staff.   During the night of the performance, you can decide to have dinner there (65,50$) or not (28,50$).  It gives you nice flexibility and convenience!

As we walk towards the address, we realize it is actually inside a beautiful Catholic church.  Someone greets us and tells us it’s down the corridor towards the back (where the small chapel was).   It is delightful to see that we are making good use of some of these more deserted cathedrals!  The setting is just right with large velvet drapes framing the stage area.   You have enough space to have privacy, and there is a small dance floor in the front of the stage.  Above, there is a balcony viewing area where you enjoy the show without a table (where you can still have a drink!).  The crowd was quite diverse in age and varied from the late twenties to people in their sixties, but one thing was for sure – everyone showed up to hear an incredible live show.


We had the chance to attend SOUL, MOTOWN, FUNK & GROOVE – which included music of James Brown, Jackson Five, Earth Wind & Fire, Aretha Franklin and much more.  The evening’s star performer was Marie-Christine Depestre who performed beautifully with her jazzy and deep voice.  She gave the public a chance to reminiscence on some favorite songs with her original twist. Considering her resume includes singing on albums by Garou, Daniel Bélanger, Ginette Reno and Lionel Richie – it is not surprising that she gave such a fabulous show.  Her energy, professionalism and outstanding talent were a real treat to the audience.

The best part of the night was the fact that everyone ended up DANCING! It was so refreshing to be in a place where you can engage the way this crowd did.  The right energy was in the room, and it was refreshing.  Sometimes we forget these places in Montreal exist, but we were definitely reminded this time!  Classics like songs like Woking Day and Night from Michael Jackson will always be able to uplift you – especially in a live music setting!22140847_1998852553667032_8240950748117150206_nWe will be sure to check out the upcoming schedule you can view here. Your next date night or special event with friends is covered!  Find Le Balcon’s complete website here and their Facebook page with upcoming events here.

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