Centaur Theatre Presents THE BAKLAVA RECIPE | World Premiere

Centaur Theatre Company presents the world premiere of The Baklava recipe from January 23 to February 18, 2018. Written by Pascale Rafie and directed by Emma Tibaldo. 2018, it stars actors Eleanor Noble, Anne-Marie Saheb, Christina Tannous and Natalie Tannous

The Baklava Recipe is a powerful production performed by four incredible artists!  The play tells a story of two pairs of mother and daughter living in Montreal.  Lebanese culture in Montreal is exposed through first and second generations of these characters.  Granting that the mothers in the story are new immigrants to the city,  we get a glimpse of the various challenges they face throughout their lives.  It is a mesmerizing story that feels authentic.  In fact, the writer states that the story is inspired by people in her life.

During the play, the value of female camaraderie during different life stages is displayed touchingly and genuinely.  Regardless of your own culture, status or age, you can understand the complexities of these relationships.   The added factor of which the tale takes place in Montreal neighborhoods makes it even more relatable.   Overall, we really enjoyed this play and heartily recommend it, particularly for women in this beautiful city.

Baklawa Recipe_ChristinaTannous_NatalieTannous_2_photo_Antoine Saito

NAÏMA: Everything’s slipping away from me. Everything’s a mess like when you spill flour. Everything flies all over the place and you’re in a fog.

Baklawa Recipe_Shopping_NatalieTannous and Christina Tannous_photo_Antoine Saito

RITA: We are Lebanese. You have to stay true to who you are. You can’t change just like that.

Production Dates:
Opening: January 25 8:00 PM
Evenings: Tuesday through Sat. 8:00 PM
Matinées: Saturday and Sun. 2:00 PM Wed. Feb. 7 & 14 1:00 PM
Closing: February 18 2:00 PM

You can click here to learn more about the show and buy tickets to a performance.

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Baklawa Recipe_EleanorNoble_NatalieTannous_Christina Tannous_Anne-MarieSaheb_photoAntoine Saito

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