OSM Young Ambassadors’ Club | Iceberg & Schoenberg Benefit Event

Montreal is becoming the city for youth philanthropy for organizations within the Arts.  The city’s most prestigious symphony, Orchestre Symphonique de Montreal (OSM) is no different and has created a program for people 34 years that engage a younger generation in the orchestra.   The group, founded in 2009, is called Young Ambassador Club of the OSM and their goal is to sensibilise that age group to classical music.  To accomplish their aims, they host three types of activities:

• Networking evenings that allow people 34 and under to discover classical music and experience it with their peers;
• OSM + benefit events that will enable young philanthropists to support a cause that is important to them;
• Exclusive events created for members of the Young Ambassadors Club.

Jeunes OSM Annual Benefit 2018jeunes osm annual benefit v6

We were welcomed to attend the prestigious annual benefit event, the 8th edition of its kind, this year named Iceberg & Schoenberg.  During the evening, we enjoyed a private concert and a cocktail with 6 musicians of your Orchestra!  It was an elegant event in one of the most exclusive venues of Montreal, the first head office of the Bank of Montreal (BMO) who sponsor the youth program.  Since BMO still has offices at that location, it is rare to be able to partake in an event in their spectacular building! Being able to speak to the artists who were present was definitely a pleasant surprise.  We can be so caught up in our day to day lives, that meeting a musician of this level can genuinely be a refreshing feeling.osm

ARTISTS who performed on Friday, January 19th during the annual benefit event:
Andrew Wan, violin
Alison Mah-Poy, violin
Victor Fournelle-Blain, viola
Charles Pilon, viola
Geneviève Guimond, cello
Sylvain Murray, cello

PROGRAM of the evening:
Schoenberg, Arnold. Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night)

The next two networking events are scheduled for Wednesday, February 7 and 2018 Wednesday, May 30, 2018.  These events give you a chance to meet other young supporters of the OSM and their musicians after the concert.  Tickets are as low as 25$ when you attend four shows in the year.  This would be considered a membership package.   Otherwise, for 34$ you can attend a concert in the balcony or choir section.  Whichever you choose, you have flexibility and benefits.

To keep track of their upcoming events, you can follow their Facebook page here.  To buy tickets and for more information on the 34 and under opportunities, visit their website here.

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