A/MAZE in Griffintown / Serial Killer Escape Game NEW!

You were just captured by a spooky man that is a SERIAL KILLER! What now? Time to get OUT! That’s how you start your journey in the new A/MAZE escape game in Griffintown, Montreal.  Chained up to the wall, you need to communicate with your teammates to solve the puzzles.  Don’t argue too long and work together, that’s the best advice I can give you because it is not easy to succeed!  From diving your hand into a bloody bathtub to finding fingers in a fridge, you will understand that a serial killer is around!

A/MAZE is an escape game company who has many locations all around Montreal (Atwater, West Island, St-Henri, and Griffintown).  Each site offers different choices of scenarios which you can play with a minimum and maximum of team members.  They are all different, but the essential elements are the same.  You need to work together (excellent team building activity), you need to be creative, and you need to be quick!  There are time limits and hints that can help you but overall, this game forces you to think differently. You will be entertained, and your adrenaline will elevate, this is a fun activity for all!

Serial Killer 2 Amaze Griffintown Escape game

For more information on the serial killer escape room, we did in Griffintown, click the link here. You can reserve on their website directly and choose another escape game if you prefer depending on the location that suits you best.

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Serial Killer 10Serial Killer 1 Amaze Griffintown Escape game

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