Ronnie Burkett’s The Daisy Theatre | Centaur Theatre & Castelier Festival

Puppet theatre is NOT just for children, and The Daisy Theatre is the proof!  You might be wondering who are the people going to a puppet show on a Friday night but let me tell you, that anyone with a sense of humor can enjoy Ronnie Burkett’s performance.  He is a one-man show with TONS of energy and captivates the audience from beginning to end. No surprise that this puppet mastermind is world renowned!

One of the things that I loved is that Ronnie interacts with the crowd throughout the presentation.  He even asked us to choose between three divas with different personalities for a particular act. Not to mention that he asked two people from the audience to come up on stage!  They both engaged in the stories with the dolls all while during Burke is controlling them.  Pure entertainment!


Ronnie Burkett

The show.

Ronnie mentions that there are 43 puppets that he can perform with but that he will create a unique show for us depending on his mood and the crowd’s reactions.  It is an unusual situation for a spectator to feel that the show can vary depending on the evening but for The Daisy Theatre, it works out perfectly!

It was mostly a comedic performance but there some more dramatic scenes.  The puppeteer is not afraid to include his political and personal views in the production.  His figurines being his voice gives us a taste of his opinion on people like Donald Trump and Jesus Christ.


The Dolls.

The dolls themselves are masterpieces.  Though we didn’t get to see them up close, all their features were visible from the stage.  Their realistic exaggerated attributes make them beautiful and unique.

Check it out.

Overall, if you are looking for something new to do, a pleasant evening including laughter,  I highly recommend to check out The Daisy Theatre playing at the Centaur in Old Montreal.   Men and woman alike, you might discover just how much you love puppet theatre!

The show is set to happen for the Castelier festival on March 8th, 2018, a celebration of puppetry!  For more information on that festival, you can read our article here.

For tickets at the Centaur Theatre for his performances until March 25th, you can visit their website here.  For more information on Ronnie Burkett’s The Daisy Theatre, you can visit their website here.

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